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Creating a brand for the entertainment industry that is both classy and fun is not an easy task. The aim of this brand was to tell the story of games with purpose: Medical games, relaxation games, learning games. It's a trend market that is very competitive with hundreds of new studios forming every year.

icon set for art, fun, and wellbeing
light and dark versions of the Vanilla Noir logo

To stand out, a deliberate contrast was designed to the action-focused presentation of entertainment games: This is not an "epic" or "loud" brand - it is calm, it is gentle. The minimalistic logo is associated with well-being, calmness, and nature. It is a more classic approach than typically used.. This is not just a brand for fun, this is a brand for mental recreation.

The website had to follow the design values and present the brand in a very clear and modern way. Information was condensed to not distract or overwhelm. There was an emphasis on the artistic values of the brand, as well as on building trust. Personal and scientific insights of the work were provided and clearly framed. This is more than a typical gaming company. It is an independent studio of developers and psychologists that try to make the world a better place.