Fitness Startup

Web Design & Development

A fitness startup tasked us with the creation of a website that needed multiple functionalities, including a blog, a way to post and organize healthy recipes, a landing and presentation place, and multiple pages to introduce exercises, services, and company philosophies. As there was no web expertise from the client side, we also included training services and took the time to discuss every design decision and functionality to really represent the soul of the company.

landing page and recipe blog of the fitness startup's website

As the website was not only a place for possible customers, but also a place for the company to represent values and publish their work, we designed and developed the website for WordPress to make content creation and management as easy and fast as possible. We want to design not only for potential customers, but for clients and their workflow. But with many features, there was a risk of overwhelming visitors, so the site had a very simplistic and stylized structure that was designed to guide between the many posts and pages effortlessly and represent the dynamic qualities of the provided fitness offers.