UI & UX Design | Development

The aim for Atmospheres was to create an approachable relaxation app with modern and timeless UI and UX designs. The market for casual applications is overflown with cheap and cartoony designs. To place the product for the ever growing well-being oriented applications, we designed Atmospheres in a way that communicates simplicity and absence of junk- and adware. Atmospheres was made with a holistic approach in mind: To get away from stress, users solve atmospheric puzzles of illustrated landscapes - presented trough spheres that expand to give a sense of escapism.

icon for the smartphone game Atmospheres

Design language and functionality needed to be very consistent and easy to understand. We emphasized principles of colour theory and Gestalt psychology to provide a stress-relieving escape. Like every modern digital product, responsiveness to every possible screen size was very important and informed layout decisions. Not every image or form is shrinkable, so we designed the possible layouts from the ground up and developed an app that always looks good and works as intended.

screenshots of the game Atmospheres: level select screen, gameplay, solved puzzle